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So, why use Aromatic Essentials?

Aromatic Essentials – products are wholesome Organic, Vegan, Cruelty free, Animal product free, natural, plant based and the REAL feeling you get from these products delights more than just the senses. There are no artificial preservatives, colours, flavours or fragrances. Just no Chemicals and perhaps a purist’s dream! Real Good Stuff!


A great deal of love and care goes into each and every product to help people and pets with skin problems. There is no skimping on quality ingredients. All soaps and creams are made with the most effective and natural herbs and essential oils and are designed especially for people with sensitive skin. You can have any type of skin and benefit greatly from using these products. Made for sensitive skin means that known irritants or chemicals are not included, essential oil dosage is low, pigments, dyes, artificial fragrances, foaming agents, parabens, preservatives and all that is left out. 

5p skincaresm

Nothing is hidden!

  • Peace of mind
  • No animals are tested and the herbal supplier is Verified Animal Cruelty Free
  • Honest and ethical business concerned and passionate about making a difference to your life and the life of innocent wildlife
  • No hidden Palm oil in any ingredients either

Palm oil
is used in almost all commercial soaps, and in far too many soaps titled “Natural” yet it has very little beneficial value to your skin or health, and is thought to be nothing more than a cheap filler. To the consumers perhaps, but at the exorbitant price of native animal extinction?  Palm oil is causing deforestation and widespread genocide of native orangutans and I refuse to use any palm oil derivatives in any of my products. Many people may say they don’t use palm oil but then keep using regular emulsifying wax and activated charcoal. I have replaced all items using derivatives of palm! If you would like to learn more on this devastating Palm Oil problem go here.   Read more on why you should say No to Palm Oil!

No Animal Fats
Rendered beef tallow, pig fat, deer, sheep,all still used by many soap makers and skin care manufacturers worldwide.

I use 100% Natural Cold pressed plant oils and Butters (at least 7 in my soaps).

Organic Ingredients
Aromatic Essential skincare products are increasing the organic percentages continually. I always use organic herbs for infusions and extracts, which are in all products for additional nutrients. I do this for every batch of soap too.
Organic is used whenever possible and contained in most of Aromatic Essentials skin care products.

No nasty chemicals are added to any products. NO Parabens, Sulfurs, Petroleum, Mineral oils, SLS, Pesticide laden Soy, or anything not originating from the earth. NO alcohol in anything unless it’s a perfume.

Committed to Caring

Aromatic Essentials tries to make a difference in the areas concerning the Earth and it’s beautiful creatures who share it with us. Orangutans and Deforestation, Eco aware, thorough researching of ingredients, and of course the Result! The improvement it has made to your life in any way, that’s what I’m here to do. Please provide feedback on any products you try.

Less than perfect looking soaps will be donated to a worthwhile organisation in need. The ends of the soap batch disappear quicker than I can make them! I do set aside a few here and there, just to give. I wish to give to Women’s refuges and care facilities some of the best soap they will ever experience.  Please contact me if this applies to you.

Healing, love and light and blessings your way. Thank you! Always.

cruelty free



is the most important aspect to natural products. Aromatic Essentials uses the Absolute BEST and preservation which is of vital importance, is no exception.

I use essential oils with every product and they themselves are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-septic and not only protect the product and keep it fresh but they are delivered to your skin and continue working.

I add Vitamin E which is the best for preserving natural oils or they would turn rancid. Rosemary extract is a very powerful anti oxidant and preservative and that is included. The fact that I have managed to find a preservation system that is solely natural and Palm oil free, is a great feat which I’m proud of.

It is the ONLY known preservative to date that is completely Palm oil free, Vegan is an Almond derived broad spectrum Over 99.9% effective against all tested microbial growths. A High performance naturally derived growth inhibitor like no other!

So Natural in fact, When labelling products I am permitted to use the term “Preservative free” but I don’t, because for me, to be absolutely transparent, it isn’t! If it was preservative free there would likely be a film of various coloured moulds and flourishing micro organisms on top. Ewww!

NATICIDE – Natural Preservative

 Aka INCI  Parfum. 🙂

Price approx. $600-$800.00 kg !!!


From the manufacturers website.
“Naticide is a vegetal origin ingredient with a wide spectrum of activity, being effective against Gram+, Gram-, yeasts and moulds in a pH range between 4 – 9. Thanks to its vanilla-like scent, the use of additional perfumes can be avoided. Naticide is suitable for safe and preservative-free formulations.It is safe and extremely skin compliant.

Ideal for all personal care applications


  • Full spectrum antimicrobial activity
  • Excellent stability
  • Total compatibility
  • Great skin tolerability
  • Easy to handle

It is derived from nuts though so that is the ONLY possibly negative thing to someone with an allergy, but common every-day preservatives, used in EVERYTHING we consume, are believed to be cancer causing chemicals, wearing us all down, and all of them are dangerous, and unfortunately used in excess. Shampoo, Conditioner, all running down your back every night, such a large area of skin, your soap, or rather chemical concoction bar, all over your face, body, sensitive areas, chemicals, deadly chemicals are being absorbed into your bloodstream like squeezing a sponge. Don’t get me started on Deodorant, that close to the lymph glands, that close to the breasts, carcinogens? Please stop!

If every bath and body product you used was Aromatic Essentials brand, and even if you enjoyed it as a snack, you would probably outlive everyone and look totally amazing doing it! haha.
This magnificent preservative, although costs an arm, is worth being able to say