Only Natural

So, why use Aromatic Essentials?

Aromatic Essentials is a popular and much loved Local Small Business. manufacturing the best Australian Handmade Natural soap available to purchase. Environmentally aware, and always studying, I have developed some of the best skincare products, using only the highest quality natural ingredients in bountiful proportions.

A great deal of love and care goes into each and every product to help people and their pets with skin problems. There is no skimping on quality ingredients. All soaps and creams are made with the most effective and natural herbs and essential oils and are designed especially for people with sensitive skin. You can have any type of skin and benefit greatly from using these products.

Made for sensitive skin means that known irritants, preservatives, colours, dyes, artificial flavourings, and anything under the umbrella of ‘chemicals’ is never in existence, foaming agents, parabens etc, don’t exist. Everything is researched extensively and I find this to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of nurturing Aromatic Essentials.

Nothing is hidden!

Peace of mind
No animals are tested and the herbal supplier is Verified Animal Cruelty Free. Honest and ethical business concerned and passionate about making a difference to your life and the planet. People before profit and transparency in labeling are important Ethos.

No Palm oil
Palm oil is used in almost all commercial soaps, and in far too many soaps titled “Natural” yet it has very little beneficial value to your skin or health, and is thought to be nothing more than a cheap filler. To the consumers perhaps, but at the exorbitant price of native animal extinction?  Palm oil is causing deforestation and widespread genocide of native orangutans and I refuse to use any palm oil derivatives in any of my products. Many people may say they don’t use palm oil but then keep using regular emulsifying wax (which contains Cetearyl Alcohol from Palm and activated charcoal. My Activated charcoal is from bamboo and the emulsifier derived from Olives (and costs 11 times more than the usual one used everywhere). I have replaced all items using derivatives of palm! If you would like to learn more on this devastating Palm Oil problem go here.   Read more on why you should say No to Palm Oil!

No Animal Fats
Rendered beef tallow, pig fat, deer, sheep,all still used by many soap makers and skin care manufacturers worldwide.

I use 100% Natural Cold pressed Australian Olive oil, Evening Primrose, Hemp seed, Castor, Coconut oil and many other high quality Organic healing oils as the main ingredients in my soaps. All skincare and other products are 100% Vegan and contain NO animal products at all.

Organic Ingredients
Aromatic Essential skincare products are increasing the organic percentages continually. I always use organic herbs,for infusions and extracts, which are in all products for additional nutrients.
Organic is used whenever possible. Chamomile essential oil and Calendula extract are always Organic and are contained in most of Aromatic Essentials skin care products. Most products are about 75% Organic.

No Chemicals
No nasty chemicals are added to any products. NO Parabens, Sulfurs/Sulphur, Petroleum/ Mineral oils, SLS, Pesticide laden Soy, or anything not originating from the earth. Sometimes you will see a sprinkling of glitter on top of soaps. This is 100% skin safe mica (mineral) and .01% Teeny tiny bit. It is pretty but more importantly, differentiates the varieties of soap as some can look alike.

Cleanliness and Smarts on best storage, handling, disinfecting of work surfaces, utensils and hands.

Gloves are always worn when doing cosmetics, Aromatherapy sprays, body products, facial skincare products and everything else. Everything is washed in boiling hot water with detergent then placed in a large container with either a 5% Bleach solution or it is Vinegar or it is steam sterilised, (Depends on what it is). Stored and then cleaned again with an alcohol wipe before use. I never cross contaminate any ingredients and they are treated with respect. My chronic perfectionism along with compulsive hand washing comes in handy here actually!

Made in Australia from the highest quality ingredients, with love and Care!


  1. Cetearyl Alcohol is a mixture of fatty alcohols consisting predominantly of cetyl and stearylalcohols found in plants, like Coconut and Palm oils (Wiki). Cetearyl Alcohol is used in cosmetics as a stabilizer to thicken an emulsion and keep it from separating, and as a foaming agent. Bellis, Mary. “The History of Soaps and Detergents”
  2. Parabens are widely used in the skincare industry as preservatives. Some sources say they can mess around with the Endocrine system, changing emotions, and affecting daily lives.. How dangerous are they?