I would be so grateful if you left some feedback on Aromatic Essentials. In fact, word of mouth is probably the best advertisement and If you help me, I’ll help you.

It couldn’t be more simple!

How about a $10 gift voucher to use on your next order or to surprise a loved one?

To claim,

When you order products, an automatic Review Request will be sent to you 21 days later. If you respond by that email, the $10 discount voucher will be sent immediately.


  • Click here to leave positive feedback on your Aromatic Essentials products or experience.
  • OR leave a review on WOMO if you have not ordered recently.
  • Leave an email address when you write your feedback, and I’ll send a voucher to the recipient. If you don’t hear back within a few days, please let me know.
  • It’s value is relative to the effort made, so share with friends, share on social media, write more than one review on products.
  • No catch, no minimum purchase. Just simple and easy.

I believe in People (and dogs) over profit, so I am open to non monetary trade. Like amazing products in return for helping out in the workshop..

I guess I’m just old school (and without profit). haha. Years ago, I was an active member of L.E.T.S which is local Energy Transfer System. It was great! No money involved, just Trade eggs for plants, babysitting for wood chopping, etc. The good old days!

Anyway, Thank you so much for your help, it will be very appreciated.

Penny xx,
Owner/Creator Aromatic Essentials™

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