Stop Animal Cruelty

A little bit of help

Aromatic Essentials cares about the health and welfare of animals worldwide and that’s what’s inspired me to achieve Certified Cruelty-free status in 2015.

There have been pages and pages written of my thoughts and feelings over Animal Cruelty all over Social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and I don’t need to educate anyone here when Google has that covered, just give you a few places you can vent your anger and use your passion to help and do as much good as you can. Firstly, check out CCF and choose the businesses that appeal to you and your ethical compass. Support the one’s that REALLY matter!

It is a horrendous and barbaric practice to test on animals for any reason, in the least, skincare products. Yet they still suffer excruciating pain and suffering in their thousands to this day! So I thank you for being here and supporting a small business who cares.

I believe every little kindness can count towards the bigger picture.


Choose Cruelty free products in Australia for Cruelty free cosmetics

The Humane Society

Here are some Facebook groups that support animal welfare

…..this page is a work in progress.