Aromatic Essentials was first established in 1989 when I needed a cream for nappy rash. I wanted something natural and pure so I had to make it. I had already been studying aromatherapy and natural therapies and completing courses. I made and sold products until my second child came along then I had a break while raising my family. I returned after a number of years and everything just magically fell into place.  Everything was better including my knowledge, experience and ability to formulate effective, life changing products.

Now there are more than 100 products for almost everything and everyone. Herbs work so well and my never ending passion for Aromatherapy means all of them are made with such love and care that I believe there is nothing else out there like it. The percentages of natural ingredients Aromatic Essentials instills into all of the products really makes a difference to how they work for people who have skin or health problems.

I love helping people and pets with products to help with skin conditions and believe I have amazing products full of natures magical goodness. I love hearing how it has helped people, and their amazement and joy fuels me to keep going!

Over the years, I have had chronic fatigue, neck and back pain, degenerative discs, chronic colitis, asthma, fibromyalgia, psoriasis and dermatitis. I am currently treating fibromyalgia, degenerative disc pain and chronic colitis, everything else has been treated with aromatherapy and herbs with success.

(I had psoriasis for 26 years until using natural hair products). I have not bought an overpriced bottle of chemicals for 5 years. I never will again.

So I understand the suffering some people are experiencing, these products wouldn’t work so well had I not experienced health and skin worries myself. The formulations were tweaked until they did what they are intended to do – with myself being the greatest guinea pig!

I use everyday/weekly –

Womens Deodorant
Shampoo Bar
Spray on conditioner
Hair Wax
Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser, Scrub and Mask